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Bringing the freshest coffee, breakfast, and lunch to Downtown Baltimore with Happy Hour and Dinner Specials

Bringing the Freshest Coffee, Breakfast and Lunch to Downtown Baltimore, with Happy Hour and Dinner specials.

A Small Plate a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Pork Belly Tacos

We are new at this so we are not really sure what we are trying to do besides give you an idea of what we are doing. Argosy café is starting to go forward, we are about to do demolition and then restoration and design is being worked on; pretty cool. Let’s give this a go…

After eating braised or seared fresh pork belly 3 or 4 times this week from multiple ethnic cuisines we thought: To keep us occupied today why not teach ourselves how to braise cured smoked pancetta.  We are making braised pork belly tacos with salsa verde, and queso fresco.  Since cured meats are brined, they have a tendency to become salty when they are cooked. We are cooking it like corned beef, and changing the water three times during the braising process.  Utilizing this technique will help to leech some of the salt out of the cured pancetta and at the same time develop a tenderness in the pancetta that should melt in your mouth!!!

We cooked this in our home kitchen and had great results.  This is an excellent small plate to serve at a get together with your friends over drinks.  You can find the recipe on our pinterest page here. 

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