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Bringing the freshest coffee, breakfast, and lunch to Downtown Baltimore with Happy Hour and Dinner Specials

Bringing the Freshest Coffee, Breakfast and Lunch to Downtown Baltimore, with Happy Hour and Dinner specials.

A Small Plate a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Empanadas

Suddenly we were overcome with a craving for empanadas today, because we obviously cannot get enough small plates (we are like scavengers and just can’t stop picking!).   Unfortunately with Max’s empanadas closing in Little Italy of Baltimore we didn’t have a quick fix.  Fortunately we can cook!  We went to the store to purchase the ingredients and the results were fantastic.  As always the recipe is posted on our pinterest page with additional pictures. 

Empanadas are a stuffed bread, and we went with a more Spanish themed stuffing today.  Although our stuffing was Spanish you can find empanadas from all sorts of different culinary influences.  They are a lot of fun to make and definitely an item we are looking forward to putting on our many.  Maybe even a breakfast one to dip into your coffee?  

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